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Change.  Controversy. Confusion.  That’s how some look at the transformation of healthcare. At Advomas, we see it differently. We see the opportunity to chart a better path by helping providers secure the highest possible payer source for their uncompensated care costs. With decades of experience and a highly trained field force, Advomas works to provide the most comprehensive patient eligibility and enrollment services necessary to ensure our clients maximize revenue and optimize cash flow. In the ever-changing world of Health Care Reform, there is one company that will continue to be there for you and the patients you serve.



Founded in 1989 out of a request for help from a provider, Advomas has spent more than a quarter of a century leading the way in reducing uncompensated care costs. Diligently pursuing payment from insurers on behalf of his clients, founder W. Bruce Knight, J.D., recognized the complexities of the healthcare system in Michigan and tapped into his entrepreneurial spirit to form the state’s first eligibility company. Advomas, the region’s most respected healthcare compensation firm, is comprised of healthcare policy experts and humanitarians.  Built on a commitment to assisting the uninsured and underinsured, Advomas not only assists patients, but also ensures providers have the funds they need to continue to support the communities that they serve. Today we are building on our history by helping our clients meet the needs of an ever-changing industry.  Innovation, Compassion and Effectiveness will continue to be the core of our business and essential to success for our clients and their patients.

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Mission, Vision and Values


To secure the highest payer source for hospitals and health plans in pursuit of healthier communities.

Our vision is a country in which every patient will have access to healthcare without fear of financial ruin; where communities are strengthened by the partnership between providers, payers and patients.  We believe in connecting those entities through the compassion, dedication and determination of our employees.


  • INNOVATIVE – Provide cutting edge systems, process and procedures.
  • EFFECTIVE – Strive for excellence and results.
  • COMPASSIONATE – Deliver our services with empathy and respect in all that we do.


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